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Steel Magnolias.

Drama Comedy 1989.

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Clichéd group of squabbling Southern women are brought together by the angel of death. Overwrought, overacted film captures none of the charm or wit of the original, popular play.

Rated PG

Cast and Credits.
Edward Pisoni (Production Designer)
Julie Weiss (Costumes)
Andrew Stone (Associate Producer)
Herbert Ross (Director)
John A. Alonzo (Cinematographer)
Spencer Henderson (Choreography)
Georges Delerue (Music)
Christina Smith (Makeup)
Paul Hirsch (Editor)
Gene Callahan (Production Designer)
Ray Stark (Producer)
Robert Harling (Writer)
Victoria White (Executive Producer)
Hub Braden (Art Director)
Michael Okowita (Art Director)
Steven Wolff (Set Decoration)
Dylan McDermott (Actor)
Sally Field (Actor)
Daryl Hannah (Actor)
Olympia Dukakis (Actor)
Julia Roberts (Actor)
Shirley MacLaine (Actor)
Dolly Parton (Actor)
Sam Shepard (Actor)
Tom Skerritt (Actor)
Janine Turner (Actor)

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