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I Love Trouble.

Romance Comedy 1994 .

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This by-the-numbers romantic suspense film lacks just two things: romance and suspense. It also earns a special award for witlessness by wasting two fine screen talents, Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte. Nolte plays a Chicago journalist competing against pretty cub reporter, Roberts. They team up to uncover a plot involving a train wreck. Then they fall in love. Then there's a big shootout with the bad guys. Ho-hum. Let's put it this way: the lame Bird on a Wire is a masterpiece compared to I Love Trouble.

--Rick Schultz

Rated PG

Cast and Credits.
Nick Nolte ( )
Olympia Dukakis ( )
Julia Roberts ( )
Dorothy Lyman ( )
Nora Dunn ( )
Charles Martin Smith ( )

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